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Colusa, California - Flat, Fast Fun Bike Ride - 1 Day Fun Rides

Bike Ride Date: May 6, 2017

Contact: Dave McGrath
phone: 530-617-2317

E-Mail: Dave McGrath

Join us May 3rd, 2014 for a Fast, Fun, Flat bike ride stating in Colusa California. You can choose from a 100 mile century, metric century (62.5 miles) a 37 mile bike ride or a 22 mile bike ride. A bike ride event to fit all abilities.

Great support and rest stops ensure you will have a fun time touring along the Sacramento River, Colusa and Sutter Counties. Visit the rural towns of Meridian and Sutter. Ride through the pastorial farmlands of the Sutter Bypass, cross the Tisdale Weir, ride along the scenic Sacramento River levy road and around the unique Sutter Buttes (the smallest mountain range in the world), where John C. Fremont camped his troups in 1848 and through the Gray Lodge National Wildlife Refuge.

The 3F Century is different than most centuries. It doesn't have the heart-pounding, thigh-killing climbs that many centuries have. Instead of hills, hills and more hills, the 3F Century offers a FLAT, FAST, and FUN bike ride. The total elevation gain is 591'. Boy are you going to have fun! This is an opportunity to do your personal best century time....

Join with your friends and other people like yourself on this little known FLAT bike ride.

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