About the 3 F Bike Ride Colusa CA.

Bike Rider The 3F Century started in May of 2010. Initially the ride was a fundraiser to help pay for a wrestling mat for the Colusa High School Wrestling team. We met that goal last year. The ride is now sponsored by the Colusa Lions Club and helps support youth activities in Colusa County.

The Lions Club is the most active service club in the Colusa area. Every cent they earn is given back to the community. The club supports a wide variety of youth groups and activities. In addition to supporting the community financially, they volunteer at many community functions. If there is stuff to barbeque, you can count on them to show up with the grill, utensils, manpower and energy to get the job done.

Your participation in the 3F Century helps support the efforts of the Colusa Lions Club. Be a supporter of a great community asset.

“The 3F Century lives up to its name - Fast, Flat, and Fun. You could even add a few more F's - Friendly Folks and Fantastic Food.
It's a great ride. I would recommend it ”
- Janise C.

Lions Club Colusa California Sponsor

Lions Club Colusa Calfironia

The Lions Club of Colusa is the most active philanthropic, civic organization in Colusa County. The 3F Century is one of their main fundraiser activities. All funds earned by the club will be used to support student field trips, school and county libraries, vision needs, community flag program, volunteer group BBQs, community hospital fundraisers, school sports programs, city recycling program, county fair parade, student speakers competitions, local charities, youth groups and many other community needs.

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