Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Colusa Casino
  2. Riverside Inn
  3. Colusa Motel


  1. Granzella's Inn
  2. Ramada Inn
  3. Traveler's Inn
  4. Econolodge


  1. Colusa County Fairgrounds
  2. Colusa Landing


  1. Rocco's
  2. Market Street Grill
  3. Colusa Casino
  4. Slough House Social
  5. Dragon Island


Where is the start?
901 Parkhill Street Colusa, CA 95932 open at 6:30am.

When can I start riding?
All routes are open at 6:30am.

How many rest stops are there?
There are rest stops approximately every 20 miles.

Do I need to pack food and water?
It is always a good idea to have some supplemental snacks and water. Each rest stop will have water and Gatorade, plus snacks, such as, orange slices, cookies, bananas, trail-mix and the like. We have received many positive responses for the quantity and variety of items at the stops.

Where can I spend the night and get something to eat before the ride?
There are numerous motels within a ten-mile radius of the ride start. Many of these are listed on our website. Select the ABOUT tab and then select LODGING. Also, check AirBnB. Last year we had a group of five riders rent a house for the night.

Is there a time limit to complete the ride?
There is no time limit. We will stay until the last rider is off the course. Over the years we generally have had the last rider go through by 5:00pm. If you start at 6:30am this gives you 10 ½ hours to complete the ride.

Are there t-shirts or jerseys available for purchase?
There are both t-shirts and jerseys for sale. These are available during the registration process. There will be a limited number available the morning of the ride.

Is the course really as flat as advertised?
Yes. The total elevation gain over the ride is 591 feet, according to MapMyRide. This is less than .01% percent gradient over the 100 miles. The 3F Century was named the best event for first-time century riders by CycleCA magazine. The steepest inclines are when transitioning from valley farmland to the top of the levee, which is a twenty foot climb over 300 feet.

What if I have a flat, need mechanical assistance or a ride back to the start?
There are several options. Colusa County Ham Radio Operators are located at each rest stop and can contact SAG support. You can call 530-617-2317 and someone will come to help you. We also have members of the Radio Operators driving the course to provide assistance.

How is the course marked?
The course is marked with adhesive paper arrows. Follow the colored arrow that corresponds to your route. Be attentive to the arrows. The roads are used by other rides, most notable the Bike Around the Buttes. The Bike Around the Buttes course is marked with arrows painted on the ground. DO NOT FOLLOW THE PAINTED ARROWS.

When is the post-ride meal served?
The meal will be available beginning at 11:30AM. We will have meals available for the last rider.

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